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The Ray Olachia Memorial Nature Trail

Ray TrailMemorial

Ray Olachia was a full-blooded Mescal Apache Native American.  A long-time employee of the Dow Chemical Company, Ray traversed many miles over the years demonstrating the way Native Americans lived, hunted, and clothed themselves.  He was also an avid Scouter.  He was very fond of leading inquisitive people on nature trail tours, naming the various plant species found along the way, discussing their uses, and their dangers.  He was also keenly interested in helping Scouts advance in rank, and participated in countless Boards of Review.

The Trail

The Ray Olachia Memorial Nature Trail is a fitting homage to Ray.  It is located at Camp Karankawa just off the road that runs between the First Aid Building and the Training Lodge, west of the Training Lodge.  The first half of the trail runs north to the newly renovated Nature Building, and continues east from the clearing containing the Nature Building.  There are 14 posts along the way, and with the accompanying worksheet, a Scout can use it to meet Requirement #6 for the 1st Class Scout, which challenges the Scout to name or show evidence of at least 10 kinds of plants found in your community.  Copies of the worksheet are available at the trail head.

A link to the worksheet can be found HERE

The solution can be found HERE (Remember, A Scout is Trustworthy!)

Good luck!