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Camp Karankawa Sweeny texas Bay Area Council Scouting Camp Adventure

October 1930: An Article in the Angleton Times Newspaper told of a proposed Scout Camp on the Bernard River.

October 11, 1954: The first 172 acres of what is now Camp Karankawa was purchased.

March 16, 1955: The first Camp Ranger, Paul V. Clegg, was hired.

May 9, 1955: The official name of Karankawa was adopted for the camp, based on the Karankawa Indians from this area.

June 4, 1955: The official dedication of Camp Karankawa occurred on this date with 300 Scouts in attendance, and opened the first year of Summer Camp.

July 14, 1969: An additional 88 acres known as the Quahadi Area (a particular tribe of the Karankawas) was purchased for the purpose of building a lake on the property.

May 30, 1984: An additional 54 acres of property was purchased and construction on the Lake began.

Today: Camp Karankawa is 450 acres of beautiful wilderness, complete with a horse corral, archery and BB gun ranges, a swimming pool, camping sites with fire rings, brand new restrooms and showers, a dining facility and a trading post.