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BSA Discover Prepaid Card

discover card

We're proud to announce that the Boy Scouts of America Discover Prepaid Card is now available. Get your Scout a BSA Discover Prepaid Card today by clicking on the Order Now button at www.ScoutsAreThrifty.com.

With the Scout Prepaid Card, parents can teach Scouts how to manage money wisely. This is NOT a credit card, but a prepaid, reloadable card that can be replenished from any bank account. It's a great way for Scouts to manage their daily spending, and it's safer and more convenient than carrying cash. Scouts can show their support of our iconic organization while learning the important lessons of money management. Cardholders will have access to a Financial Education section as well as a Merit Badge section all designed to help Scouts become financially educated while earning badges with financial components.

Please help us get the word out by forwarding this email to colleagues, friends, and family. You may also access "spread the word" tools at www.Scouting.org/BSAprepaid, where you'll find template emails, social media posts, fliers, and more for parents, volunteers, and supporters to access.

In addition to all of the existing rewards and benefits Discover offers, this card offers a Scouts Rewards section where cardholders may donate points to a council or purchase Scout Shop products with points.

This card is available at