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Internet Rechartering

Charter Renewal is an annual process to renew your relationship with the Boy Scouts of America. Complete charter renewal through the Internet Advancement 2.0 website. 

Charter Renewal opens Saturday, October 1st.
Recharters are due by Monday, November 14, 2022

NEW! This year, payments can be made online including National Fees, Council insurance fees, and Scout Life Subscriptions. 




Preparing for Charter Renewal

Ensure Unit Key 3 (Chartered Org Rep, Committee Chair, Cubmaster/SM/Skipper/Advisor) are correct on your roster in & confirm email addresses. Turn in apps for these leaders to make changes BEFORE starting recharter.

Appoint a Unit Charter Coordinator to manage the process, and make them a Key 3 delegate in

(In, click UNIT, click ROSTER, click Position manager, click FUNTIONAL ROLES tab. )

Check Member Manager in to confirm all Scouts and adults are registered.

Confirm adults are showing trained and print a Trained Leader Report, under TRAINING MANAGER. 

For FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE - Get approval BEFORE starting Recharter and CHOOSE "Pay at Council" when completing Recharter online.



Complete the Five Stages of Renewal 

Go to

Follow the prompts and complete the Five Stages:
Load Roster, Update Roster, Check Roster, Summary, Submit Roster.


Submit Roster and
Prepare Paperwork for Final Turn-In

1. Pay online with credit card (additional processing fee applies), or by submitting e-check or select "Pay at Council" for financial assistance.

2. The Key 3 will receive an email confirmation that the Recharter Renewal was submitted. One of them must click the link the approve the roster. Then another email will be sent with the FINAL version.

3. Download and save or print the FINAL Unit Charter Renewal Package to turn in.


Checklist for Your Finalized Charter

____ The Annual Charter Agreement is signed and ready for turn-in.

____ FINAL Unit Charter Renewal Package have been printed for turn-in.

____ For Adults & Youth listed as new on the cover page, applications have been uploaded and for adults - a signed “Additional Disclosure & Background Check” and Youth Protection certificate have been uploaded.

____ Trained leader report is printed and ready for turn-in (Available through>Training Manager).

____ Charter Renewal Payment has been made online or check made payable to “Bay Area Council, BSA.”

____ 2022 Journey to Excellence has been completed, signed by Unit leader, Committee Chair, Unit Commissioner, and a printed scorecard is ready to turn-in.

____ Unit Account Authorization form - Form for authorized purchasers at the Scout Service Center Unit account.

Recharter Guide

Recharter Training Video & User Guide HERE


Forms Due to Council


Recharter Fees

Charter Fee - $100 per Unit

Youth - $75 (+ $25 if new) 

Adults - $45

Scout Life Magazine - $15

Council Insurance Fee - $3 per person



Plans are being made for District turn-in nights. Choose one of these or have your  Unit Commissioner review your recharter paperwork BEFORE turning everything in to Council.

Bay Area Council Field Director

Kelly Meacham, 

Coastal District

Jeffery Mauldin,

Cradle of Texas District

Phillip Galbreath,

Northern Star District

Scott Dayton,

Thunderbird District

Derick Meadows,



BAC-UMC Fireside Chat recording

Unit Charter Release Form

UMC Facilities Use Agreement

Transfer of Unit Funds and Property Form