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Sea Scout Base Galveston Scouting

Required Camp Forms

The following documents must be on file and available for inspection:

SSBG Release Form (Required for all Adults and Youth attending a week-long Summer Adventure at Sea Star Base Galveston)

2017 Boarding Manual

BSA MEMBERSHIP ROSTER (Responsibility of Unit Leader - access through Council Office or

ADULT IN CAMP TEXAS STATE COMPLIANCE FORM (responsibility of adult and Unit leadership)

CRIMINAL BACKGROUND CHECK (Check will be conducted by the Council with info supplied in the Adult In Camp Compliance Form)

SEXUAL OFFENDER DATABASE CHECK (Responsibility of adult and Unit leadership - Enter the Sexual Offender Database, search by name and print two copies (i.e. the page with "No results found") and attach to the Adult In Camp Compliance Form)

YOUTH PROTECTION TRAINING CERTIFICATION (Responsibility of each adult and Unit leadership - All camp staff members, as well as unit leaders, must successfully complete the Boy Scouts of America’s online Youth Protection Training before they can have contact with campers at a youth camp - Log on to to print your results)



Bay Area Council Sea Star Base Galveston Refund Policy

Refund Policy for the Bay Area Council (BAC) programs at Sea Star Base - Galveston (SSBG): For the Galveston Nautical Adventure, SCUBA Certification Adventure and STEM NOVA Adventures and the Gulf Coast Long Cruise Adventure, the initial crew deposit is non-refundable. This is because the adventures fall in as a unit fee, and no individual refunds will be granted. It is the unit's responsibility to replace a crew member unable to attend.

For individual registration programs & weekend adventures any refund for individuals will only be granted to the original paying customer, whether it be the unit or individual. All unit refunds will be paid to the Committee Chairperson of record for the unit.

All but 15% of an individual's fee is refundable, under certain circumstances (sickness, death in family, summer school, military deployment or relocation only) as long as it is requested in writing, with back up documentation, and received at the Scout Service Center, 3020 53rd Street, Galveston, Texas 77551.

In cases where food service or program services are being used where the SSBG and the BAC are required to commit financially in advance, refunds will only be granted if notified in advance of the program start date and prior to any commitments made by SSBG or the BAC. If the refund request comes after SSBG or the BAC have made their commitments, then food costs and program services associated with the program/adventure will be deducted as a part of the overall refund in addition to the 15% refund service charge.

Refund requests due to light weather issues, homesickness, schedule conflicts, misinterpretation of printed SSBG or BAC policies and procedures or reasons other than those noted above will not warrant a refund. In addition, partial refunds will not be granted for partial camp/event stays.

If a program, adventure, camp or event is forced to be canceled by BAC or SSBG, because of severe weather, or other circumstances prior to the start date occurring, BAC/SSBG will reschedule or initiate an overall refund process for all registrations.

All requests are due to the Bay Area Council office and in writing by the starting date of your specified program start date. Refund requests will not be granted if the request is submitted during your scheduled program or after your program has been completed. Refund requests will not be granted if the request is submitted during your scheduled program or after your program has been completed.