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Vigil Members



After two years of service as a Brotherhood member and with the approval of the National Order of the Arrow Committee, a Scout may be recognized with the Vigil Honor for outstanding service to Scouting, his lodge, and the community. This honor is bestowed by special selection and is limited to one person for every 50 members registered with the lodge each year.


Achord Jr., Richard Big Quiet One 1989
Alexander, Cliff One Who Creates With Wood 1967
Alexander, Terry Little One 1968
Amster, Howard Merchant 1957
Anderson, Orville Happy Leader Who Creates With His Mind 1994
Anderson, Timothy Steady One 1984
Ashbrook, Jerry W. Mouse 1967
Aucion, Walter Bald Headed Noisy One 1968
Averill, Gerald Reliable Worker 1979
Badders, Eddie Rock 1973
Badders, Tommy Big Rock 1973
Bang, Bill Valuable One 1988
Bang, David Good Natured Big Bear 1987
Barajas, Jake Water Traveling Hunter 2005
Barhan, Eric One Who Does Good Work 2000
Barlow, John E. One Who Instructs 1970
Barnard, Mike Sad Warrior 1958
Bashaw, Robin Fighter 1976
Bennett, David R. Adventurous Worker 1983
Bennett, Sr. Don Cold Warrior 1979
Berry, David Swimmer 1967
Berry, Don Fast Talker 1968
Bishop Chris One Who Exerts Himself in Leadership 2004
Bishop, Margaret Cheerful Greeter 2005
Bishop, Trent Skilled Runner 1986
Blankenship, Bradley Happy Actor 1997
Blanton, Don Reliable One 1966
Bolfing, Chris Dancer with Bad Knee 1998
Boriskie, Mike Beaver Who Serves Cheerfully 1992
Boswell, Barry Leader 1966
Bost, Conner   2006
Bost, Jay Mighty Builder 2006
Boyer, Cody    
Boyer, Roger Smoking Otter 2004
Boyer, Trey Mighty Cook 2006
Bradford Jr., James Happy One Who Trades 1996
Brandt, Edward N., lll One Who Dances to a Different Drum 1980
Braud, Victor Blue Racer 1960
Brooke, James Lively One 1967
Brooke, Maxie Skilled One 1967
Brown, Ronald C. Overseer 1967
Browning, Chance Dancing Peacemaker 2001
Buchanan, Sean He Who Has Good Spirits-Travels Alone 1992
Buckner, David Good Natured Pretty Swimmer 1983
Buckner, Michael Friendly Water Buffalo 1986
Burris, Richard Dreamer 1967
Carrette, Jeremy    
Carson, Danny Cheerful Eagle 2002
Castille Jr, Merrick One Who Tells An Amusing Story 1993
Chamberlain, Bill Quiet One 1973
Chamberlain, Clark Fiery-Tongued Servant of the Lord 1982
Chamberlain, W. C. Fire Maker 1975
Chipman Sr., Charles Spear Walker 1979
Christenson, Alma Mighty Hunter 2006
Christian, James R. Agreeable One 1970
Christian, Virgil L. Lifesaver 1970
Clarke III, William D. Raccoon Who Likes To Talk 1993
Clarke, Bill Woodcarver Who Instructs 1992
Clements, Charles Big Dancer Who Carries A Load 1988
Clements, David Dancer Who Crows Aloud 1988
Cobble, Larry P. He Who Rests 1972
Collins, James Red Corn Father 1954
Collins, Richard Yellow Corn Father 1954
Conn, Charles Good Man Who Builds With Tools 1996
Conn, Jeremy Sweet pea 1998
Cornett, Clarence Big Trader 1973
Cornett, Gray Determined One 1974
Cousin, Rodney Music Maker 1997
Cullen Jr., James Torch Carrier 1978
Cutshall, Jim   1961
Cutshall, Joe S. Wild Wolf 1962
Cutshall, S.C. Gentle Chief 1962
Dawson Jr., Vernon E. One Who Has Knowledge 1976
Deslatte, Dwayne Determined Young Brother 1985
Dick, Scott E. Flying Squirrel Who Makes Others Happy 1983
Doane Guy Big Trader 1986
Dunigan, Carol Small One With A Big Heart 2005
Ernest, James Night Traveler 1968
Erwin, Jim Silent One Who Serves 1988
Esch, Steven Humble Guard Who Gives 1990
Faires, Archie Fast Dancer 1975
Fehrle, Lance Stranger Chief 1984
Fehrle, Leonard Beaver Who Does Good Work 1984
Ford, David Shepherd 1970
Freas, Alexander    
Freas, Rob Seafaring Eagle 2004
Fridye, Mark J. Night Traveler 1980
Garrison, John Always He Is Able 1986
Gates, Paul Easy One 1966
Geesing, James M. Builder of Road 1995
Graschel, Stephen Silent Guide 1997
Griffin, Michael Cutter of Wood Builder 1984
Gumm, Wilson Persuasive Talker 1990
Hall, Daniel   2002
Hall, Jim Traveling Elder Brother 1971
Hall, William R. One Who Encourages 1974
Hammond, Dale Accomplished One 1967
Hammond, Dale Hard Worker 1966
Harris Jr., Ben T. Leader 1974
Harris, Jason Noisy One Who Swims 1993
Harris, John Excited Fisherman 1993
Harris, Trevor Young Medicine Man Who Is Willing 2004
Harris, Tristan Cheerful Leader 2005
Harstad, Dale Always Well Prepared For Service 1992
Heard, Donald Drum Beater Writer 1984
Heins, George Toiler 1969
Helfenbein, Jerry Beaver 1976
Howard, Ray Merchant Son 1970
Huber, Joe W. Old Warrior 1958
Huepers, Hunter Cheerful Quiet Wind 2005
Huepers, Rick Helpful Flying V 2005
Isbell, Cecil One Who is a Father 1970
Jacklitsch, Edmund J. Happy Cook 1997
Jacklitsch, Eric Quiet Teacher To Many 1996
Johns III, George Happy Big Rock 1990
Johnson, Steve Well Behaved 1970
Johnson, Todd Tall Helpful One Who Fishes w/Hook & Line 1994
Kees, Roger A. Reliable One 1970
Kees, Roger L. Happy Helpful One 1971
Killingworth, Pascal Lee Bear with a Strong Heart 1998
Kloss, Harror K. Skillful One 1972
Klyng, Jr, Donald Jester Who Cooks 1995
Klyng, Sr, Donald Honorable Bearded Buffalo 1988
Knapp, M.O. Great Eagle Man 1954
Knott, Jonathan Skillful Horseman 1989
Kocian, John Dancer Bear Who Fishes 1995
Kocian, Steven Lively Eagle Who Dances 1994
Kunkel, Joe Poppa Owl 1983
Laine, Emil Gentle Hand 1962
Landtroop, Lanny Straight Pine 1958
Laughin, Charles Younger Brother 1968
Laughin, John E. Red Chief 1964
Lawrence, Daryl Knowledgeable Hiker Who Assists 1989
Lawrence, David The Great Merchant 1989
Leath, Jay Old Wolf 1958
Lee, Edgar A. Thunderbird Guide 2001
Lee, Edgar P. Valuable One of Service 2004
Lockwood, Merritt   2000
Loggins III, Reuben B. Good Natured One 1972
Luna, Bruce Talker 1964
Luna James Overseer 1964
Lynch, Matt Fearless One Rides Horse 1997
MacGregor, J.D. Tall One 1970
MacGregor, Mark G. Doctor 1978
Mackey, Thomas One Who Carries A Load 1971
Maddox, Roland One Who Knows How 1971
Marshall, Mac Diligent Water Guide 1989
Mats, John Old Mountain 1958
Mats, John Charles Buckskin 1958
McFarland, Kenneth Long Legs 1958
McKinney, Franklin Curly Scalp 1956
Menn, James Reliable Singer 1990
Miller, Allen Lee ? 1956
Miller, Laurence M. Buffalo Knife Maker 1986
Moeller, Gene Quiet Spirit 1992
Moeller, John Mouse Who Tells a Straight Story 1993
Moeller, Richard A. Diligent Carpenter 1991
Moeller, Sandra Woman Who Sews Great Things 1994
Moore, James Wilber Young Raven 1960
Morgan, Raymond Firm One Who Cares 1987
Mott Jr., Leroy B. Valiant Eagle 1977
Mullis, Ryan Whistling Wind 2005
Murry, Eric He Who Gives First Aid 1984
Nau, Kenneth R. Lover of Stars 1980
Neuner, Jerry A. Lone Chief 1975
Nicol, Carl O. Bear 1976
Norman, Jack Camper Advisor 1983
Oneal, Glenn Listener 1968
Osborn, Charles M. Wise Raven 1962
Otte, Bill Honorable Otter Who Enlightens 1987
Otte, Trey Honest One 1986
Pair, Marvin Dancer Who Delivers 1987
Parham, Mike Loving One 1972
Patlan, Aaron Singing Fox 2004
Perthuis, Ellis A Builder Who Enlightens 1995
Perthuis, Scott Impatient One Who Travels 1996
Porter, Steven L. Drum Beater 1970
Pratt, Thaddeus One Who Cooks 1991
Pressler, Clarence One Who Enlightens 1980
Pressler, David C. Willing Worker 1976
Price, Joey Smiling Chipmunk 1988
Price, Sandy Business Manager 2000
Pruitt, Buster E. Preacher 1964
Rabikow, Carl M. Rabbit 1964
Rapstein, Kirby Eagle Path 1985
Reeves, Tony One Who Cares 1991
Rice, Roly Young Wildcat 1958
Richards, Kirk Sea Horse 1988
Richardson, Mark G. He Who Rides a Swift Horse 2000
Richnow, Douglas W. Treasurer 1964
Rodriguez, Michael D. One Who Climbs Great Mountains 1997
Rogillio, Michael Reliable Hunter 1995
Rosen, Judy Mother Remind Each to be Joyful 1998
Rosen, Levi Who Guides Under the Stars 1999
Rosen, Nate One Who Hunts Without A Gun 1996
Rouse, Fred   1961
Rushing, Bryson Giddy One 2006
Rushing, Bendel Cheerful Warrior 2004
Scheppan, David He Who Has Endurance 1974
Schoening, Dennis Reliable One 1991
Schoening, Dion Travel About With Cheerful Heart 1989
Scrap, Gordon He Who Serves 1966
Seely, Jeff Knowledgeable Adviser 2005
Senter, Vincent Alone Chipmunk Who Delights 1984
Sheppard, James J. Deep Thinker 1967
Skarke, Steven J. Still Water 1978
Smith, Bill W. Helpful Leader 1997
Smith, Gyle P. Tired One 1967
Smith, Shelby Who Behaves Wonderfully as Guide 1995
Snider, Tom Quiet Friend Who Serves 1995
Sparks, Russell Sleepy Buffalo 1979
Steinback, S. M. B. Wild Wolf 1960
Stephens, Cristopher Active One 2003
Stevenson, Ernest Happy Dancer 1972
Stevenson, Richard Red Badger 1977
Stone, John Rolling Stone 1998
Swift, Charles Wild Tongue 1958
Talasek, Jeff Busy One 1991
Talasek, Richard Delightful Beaver 1991
Tarpley, Joe Mac Lone Eagle 1958
Tassin, Russell Carefree One 2000
Taylor, James Determined Sprit Who Lends A Hand 1994
Temple, Griff Quiet Water 1960
Thompson, Artis L. Talker 1972
Tindel, Jerry Ray Green Tree 1958
Torres, Alejandro Servant Who Counsels 2004
Torres, Charley Crying Eagle 2003
Townsend, Chase Buffalo Who Sings 2000
Townsend, Steve Man of Great Sounds 1997
Trainer, Norman Bald Headed Guide 2003
Trimarchi, Anthony Friend to Lend a Hand 2000
Vanness, Sammy   1961
Vawters, Michael Torch Bearer Who Serves 1987
Vawters, Timmy Wasp Who Penetrates The Heart 1983
Venzke, Elmer Giving Warrior 1989
Venzke, John Edwards Leader Who Look Beyond 1990
Vogler II, William Dedicated and Consistent One 1997
Wainscott, Bob Lively Dancer 1986
Wainscott, Shawn Tall Obedient One 1990
Ware, Bobbie Cheerful Merchant Woman 1994
Ware, Michael Carefree One Who Aids 1993
Ware, William One Who Moves Mountains 1996
Watkin, Larry Diligent One 1968
Watzke, Tony Chief Collector 1969
Waugh Jr., Malcolm L. The War Whoop 1978
Waugh, Lloyd Dancing Eagle 1978
Wellman, David Witty One Who Serves 1992
White, Don I am Willing 1986
White, Jonathan Steady Fox 1987
Wiggins, Thomas Straight Arrow 1982
Williams, Donald Rugged Chief 1956
Williams, Gary Wild Goose 1968
Wilson, Andy Captain of Boat Who Lend a Hand 1998
Wood, Norman To Lift Up The Hand In Brotherhood 1987
Wood, Richard Mountain Puppy 1986
Zelade, Richard Proud Dancer 1971