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Adult Basic Training

A cornerstone of the Boy Scout programs is training. Some of these training courses are conducted by districts and some by the council; others are available through (You must create/have an account to access your training record.)

Also, if you need a training and we are not offering it at this time, please feel free to check the Sam Houston Area Council for more training opportunities.


Basic Adult Leader Outdoor Orientation (BALOO)

BALOO training has recently been revised and is the Cub Scout leader training required for any Cub Scout den or pack outdoor event, including packing camping, overnighters and Webelos den overnighters. BALOO training is now comprised of two components – an online component, and a practical, hands-on component. Both components must be completed to qualify as a trained Cub Scout outdoor leader. The online component contains introductory and basic information and must be completed prior to the practical component at The practical component is an overnight that takes about 16-hours to complete and will include meals.

WHO: For all Cub Scout Leaders and interested Cub Scouters.


TIME: 8 a.m.-1 p.m.




PLACE: Camp Karankawa, 3249 FM 1459 Rd., Sweeny, TX 77480


COST: $30, Food will be provided, but participants in BALOO training will be doing the cooking!


CONTACT: Andy Tirpak at



Sleeping gear (sleeping bag; sleeping pad; sheets, etc.)
Class A shirt 
Eating utensils – to include plate/bowl, spork, cup, etc.
Pen & paper
Camp chair
Sunscreen & mosquito spray
Rain gear (if needed)




Chartered Organization Representative Training

The Chartered Organization Representative Training (Course D72) is for the Chartered Organization Representative (CR) who has not completed their training to become a “Trained Leader.” This training is the in person training that the BSA requires for CRs. Required online training for CRs include Youth Protection (Course YPT01 for all but Venturing, Ships, and Posts which require YPT02 instead), This is Scouting (Course WA01), and Chartered Organization Representative Fast Start (Course D62).

Once all the above training is completed, the CR is considered a ‘trained leader’ for their specific position and authorized to wear the respective Cub Scout (Red) or Boy Scouts/Venture/Exploring (Green) patch.



WHO SHOULD ATTEND: Chartered Organization Representatives, Chartered Organization Executive Officers

COST: Free

CONTACT: Alicia Jeffcoat at


Committee Member Training

This training is for Pack, Troop and Crew Committee Members and is intended to provide them with the experience, basic information, and resources they need to be trained Committee Members.



COST: Free

CONTACT: Alicia Jeffcoat at


Cubmaster & Assistant Cubmaster Training

This course is intended to provide Cubmasters with the information and tools they need to successfully lead a Cub Scout pack.



COST: Free

CONTACT: Alicia Jeffcoat at


Cub Scout Leader Specific Training

Leader Specific Training provides the specialized knowledge a new leader needs to assume a leadership role. Den leaders (tiger wolf, bear) and Webelos den leaders are provided with the information and tools needed to conduct successful den meetings. Cubmasters and pack committee members are provide with information and tools needed to successfully plan a successful pack program.  These trainings can also be taken online.


Den Chief Training

Den Chief Training is basic training for Boy Scouts interested in becoming den chiefs for a Cub Scout den, and for adult leaders who wish to know more about this vital position. This course can be taken online.


Den Leader Training

This is for all Lion, Tiger, Wolf, and Bear den leaders and is intended to provide them with the experience, basic information, and resources they need to conduct successful den meetings. It is also designed to address some of the primary skills that den leaders need.

DATE: 7 p.m., December 6, 2018, REGISTER HERE

PLACE: Fellowship Bible Church, 1720 E. Broadway, Pearland, TX 77581

COST: Free

CONTACT: Alicia Jeffcoat at


Introduction to Outdoor Leader Skills (IOLS)

Not required for Cub Scout leaders.

Working as patrols, this hands-on IOLS course provides adult leaders the practical outdoor skills they need to lead Scouts in the out-of-doors. Upon completion, leaders should feel comfortable teaching Scouts the basic skills required to obtain the First Class rank. Along with Scoutmaster Specifics this course is required of all direct contact leaders registered in Boy Scout troops in order to be considered "trained."

TIME: 5:15 p.m. Friday to 6:30 p.m. Saturday

DATE: January 18-19, 2019 (You must attend BOTH days.)

PLACE: Knights of Columbus Hall, 2320 Hatfield Rd, Pearland, TX 77581

COST: $30

PLEASE NOTE: Training courses are open to anyone regardless of your Council or District, so sign up today.

Boy Scout/Webelos Handbook

tent & sleeping gear
camp chair
eating utensils
compass & pocket knife (If you have one)
paper & pen
uniform and rain gear (depending on the weather).

CONTACT: Alicia Jeffcoat at

REGISTER BY: January 15, 2019




Scoutmasters and Assistant Scoutmasters Basic Leader Training

Scoutmasters and Assistant Scoutmasters Basic Leader Training is intended to provide troop leadership with the information and tools they need to lead successful Boy Scout troops.

TIME: 8:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m.

DATE: 8 a.m.-5 p.m., November 17, 2018, Camp Karankawa Sweeny, TX 77480, REGISTER HERE

COST: Free

CONTACT: Andy Tirpak at

Boy Scout Handbook
Paper & pen


The Scouting Experience - SM/ASM Training 2018

The Scouting Experience meets all the basic training requirements for Scoutmasters and Assistant Scoutmasters, it also meets the requirement of Outdoor Webelos Leader Skills (OWLS) for Webelos Den Leaders.


Instead of sixty modules of training on-line, you can attend five sessions of Scouting fun at half the cost.

If you were in Scouting as a youth, you will re-live the fun and fellowship you knew as a Scout. If you were not a Scout as a youth, you will live The Scouting Experience and not just be told about it. The Scouting Experience will probably be the most fun you have ever had on a training course.


The Scouting Experience includes: Scoutmaster and Assistant Scoutmaster Specific Training, Introduction to Outdoor Leader Skills (IOLS) and Outdoor Webelos Leader Skills (OWLS). These are one-time only training. (Does not expire.)

REGISTRATION (You must attend all FIVE dates)

PART 1: Date TBD - Traditional Scoutmaster Training

PART 2: Date TBD - Scoutmaster Outdoor Skills

PART 3: Date TBD - Model Troop Meeting

PART 4: Date TBD - Troop Campout

PART 5Date TBD - Court of Honor Graduation for the Scouting Experience

COST: $35

Copy of
BSA Medical Form (Please bring to the first session.)

Scoutmaster Handbook

Boy Scout/Webelos Handbook
Camp chair
Eating utensils
Compass & pocket knife (If you have one)
Paper & pen
Unifom and rain gear (just in case).

CONTACT: Andy Tirpak at




Venture Crew Leader Training

This training is designed to introduce adult Venturing crew leaders to the basic information needed to operate a crew.

DATE: 7 p.m., November 1, 2018, REGISTER HERE

PLACE: Fellowship Bible Church, 1720 E. Broadway, Pearland, TX 77581

COST: Free

CONTACT: Alicia Jeffcoat at


Online Training

These courses and many others can be taken online at

  • Create an account - this can be done with or without your BSA membership ID.
  • If you enter your membership ID, your training records will be updated at the Council office.
  • If you are not yet registered, you can still take training.  Just print the certificate at the end of each course.
  • Submit your certificate of completion to your District Training Chair.