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Bay Area CouncilAdvancementTAKE CARE OF TEXAS PATCH & PIN

Take Care of Texas Patch & Pin

The Take Care of Texas Award recognizes Scouts who are doing their part to conserve water and energy, keep our air and water clean, and reduce waste. The Award shows a commitment to both learning and educating others on how we can keep our state great.


Patch requirements

  • Merit Badges: Earn three merit badges from the following list: Environmental Science, Soil and Water Conservation, Energy, Fish and Wildlife Management, Forestry, Sustainability, Gardening, Oceanography and Plant Science.
  • Community Service Hours: In addition to the merit badges, Scout is required to complete 2 hours toward a conservation project.
  • Complete patch application, signed by the Scout, the Scoutmaster and submit the application to your local area council.

View and download the patch application


Boy Scout pin requirements

  • Complete Patch Requirements
  • Conservation project: Scout must complete a project in line with the Take Care of Texas mission that includes at least 8 hours of service.
  • Presentation: Scout must submit to TCEQ either a 7-10 photo/slides presentation or a 3-5 minute video describing the project, how it relates to TCOT mission, and knowledge gained from experience.
  • Complete pin application, signed by the Scout, the Scoutmaster and email this signed application to along with your photo/slide presentation or video.

View and download the pin application.



For more information, please visit the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality and the Take Care of Texas Campaign here.