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Popcorn ...

Monday, Aug. 4th
Trails-End Webinar

Time TBD

- No need to register!

- Click on the link COMING SOON at the specified time to begin your training! (Log in 10 minutes early to be safe and make sure everything is working!)

- Free!

- Specifically designed for New Popcorn Kernels

- Learn how to use the Trails-End system through a new online Webinar

- Follow along with step-by-step instructions

- Once the webinar is completed, the training video will be available online, at, throughout the popcorn sale

- For more info, contact Tina Brendle at

Tuesday, Aug. 5th

Popcorn Kickoff

6:30 p.m.
Nolan Ryan Center

2925 Texas 35 Loop, Alvin, TX 77511


- Forget what you saw before…this is a brand new kickoff!

- Watch how we do a fun & exciting Unit Kickoff!

- Studies show a Unit Kickoff boost sales up to 40%!

- We are offering all new prizes this year like kayaks, camping gear & electronic toys

- Pick up your Order forms

- Meet Chris Sallusti, our Trails-end Popcorn Rep

- Find out what flavors of popcorn we are offering this year

- Get mportant sale dates

- Everyone is invited!

This is a free event. Register by August 1, 2014. Registration is limited to the first 185 people.


Boy Scouts & Trails End

For nearly 30 years, Trails-end has been in partnership with the Boy Scouts of America and their mission, along with the mission of the Bay Area Council, to help Scout packs, troops, and crews raise the money needed to fund their programs and activities throughout the year. The Bay Area Council has two consecutive sales in the fall: Show and Sell, which allows units to set up outside of a retail store for direct sales and delivery to the consumer and the Take Order sales, where Scouts go door to door in their neighborhoods to sell to the consumer with delivery taking place at a later date.


Why sell?

• Increase your unit and council income – 70% stays local.
• Pay for your entire Scouting program.
• Scouts learn valuable life lessons.

• There are loads of incentives like Top Seller prizes and College Scholarships.
• Sell online. It’s easy and a great way to sell to friends and family.


Important dates:

• Council Popcorn Kickoff                    August 5, 2014

Show & Sell Orders due                    August 22, 2014

Show & Sell Orders distribution       September 6, 2014

• Take Orders due                                 October 25, 2014

•  Take Orders distribution                  November 8, 2014


District Kernel contacts:

These folks are your first line of defense in your Unit popcorn program. If you have a question, just give them a call.


District Kernel, Charlene Bradford, 281-451-4777,
Scouting Professional, Peter Nicholas, 832-689-8855,


District Kernel, Nancy Gray, 979-239-8687,
Scouting Professional, Aaron Christopher, 409-750-3657,


District Kernel, Gavin Cunningham, 713-444-0345,
Scouting Professional, TBD


District Kernel, TBD
Scouting Professional, Ryan Mullis, 832-385-8438,

Distribution sites:

Coming soon!

Congratulations to our 2013 Top Sellers

Congratulations! If your name is listed below, you have earned free admission to one of the following camps (Offer is non-transferable and good for one 2014 camp only): Cub Scout Cub Camp, Webelos Camp, Venturing Crew Bash or Summer Camp.

Reid S                                    Troop 2322                  14,062.95
Hudson H.                              Pack 207                     12,300.59

Brady B.                                   Pack 445                       6,838.00
Fox H.                                      Troop 696                       6,217.00
Dylan H.                                  Pack 207                        6,163.61
Ken B                                       Pack 445                        6,127.00
Allen M                                     Troop 2322                    6,067.00
Charlie N.                                Pack 207                       6,000.00
Chayton B                               Pack 445                        5,040.00
Brody W.                                  Pack 207                        4,092.16
Caiden G                                 Pack 696                       3,623.24
Nathan O.                               Troop 345                      2,613.00
Daniel M.                                 Pack 678                       2,572.28
Hayden N.                               Pack 207                       2,551.56
John W.                                    Pack 446                       2,508.00
Ryley F                                     Pack 696                       2,500.00
Jordan T                                  Pack 696                       2,500.00
Evan R.                                    Pack 603                       2,234.00
Hayden H.                               Pack 207                       2,208.41
Hunter F                                  Pack 176                       2,133.00
Donnie C.                                Pack 120                      2,054.00
Eddie W.                                  Pack 405                       1,991.00
Marc G                                      Pack442                       1,914.52
Joshua S.                                Pack 207                       1,786.50
Tyler B.                                     Pack 603                       1,687.20
Tyler F                                       Pack 76                         1,652.00
Ethan M                                    Pack442                        1,630.26
Lucas U.                                  Pack 446                       1,606.28
Dominic U.                              Pack 446                       1,597.28
Jarrod A.                                  9310                               1,577.00
Collin S.                                  Troop 124                      1,514.00
Harrison R                              Pack 696                        1,512.87
Ryder G.                                   Pack 207                       1,509.75
Tyler T.                                      Pack 207                        1,502.01
Kayden H.                                Pack 207                        1,501.00
Steven D.                                 Pack 615                         1,479.00
Christian B                              Pack 272                         1,473.00
Smith C.                                   Pack 400                         1,463.32
Nicolas F                                 Pack 414                          1,395.00
Adam M.                                   Pack 603                         1,338.15
Jakob C.                                   Pack 603                         1,336.98
Dustin A.                                   9310                                 1,309.00
Aaron H.                                    Pack 615                         1,301.00
Ian R.                                         Pack 603                         1,297.00
Landyn F                                   Pack 487                         1,291.60
Sam W.                                      Pack 324                         1,281.00

Cole R.                                       Pack 446                         1,268.00
Carter C.                                    Pack 446                         1,264.28
Aiden C.                                     Pack 446                         1,260.95
Zion W.                                       Pack 446                         1,252.15


Support material:







Show & Sell:

Find the Show and Sell ordering tool here. Just enter the quantity of cases needed and the ordering tool does the rest. Percentages of product are based on data collected in the field.  If a Unit orders close to what this tool is advising, their overage should be minimal.

Find the Show and Sell retail letter here.


Online selling:

Click here for instructions on setting up a Scout Account to sell online.

Click here for instructions on setting up a Leader Account to view online sales.

For Leader accounts: The activation code is popcorn (case sensitive). We are the Bay Area Council, then select your District and Unit. 


Unit marketing material

2014 leader guide here.

2014 Order form here.

Selling tips here.

Selling certificate here.

Track Scouts progress with a goal poster here.


Scout marketing material

Get your own business cards here.

Find door hangers here.


Scout Prizes & Incentives

Coming soon!


Scholarship Program

Scouts who sell at least $2,500 (online, mobile, face-to-face or combination) in any calendar year can receive 6% of their total sales invested in their own college scholarship account. Find more info here.


For the Troops

Trails-end sends popcorn treats to the US Military via Support our Troops on behalf of the Boy Scouts of America.See pictures and read testimonials here.

Military receipt here.