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OA Winter Ordeal 2018


The Wihinipa Hinsa Lodge #113 holds its Winter Ordeal at Camp Karankawa in January. The induction ceremony into the Order of the Arrow, called the Ordeal, is the first step toward full membership. During the experience, candidates maintain complete silence, receive small amounts of food, work on camp improvement projects, and are required to sleep alone the first night, apart from other campers, which teaches significant values. The Ordeal will challenge you, help you discover more about yourself, and strengthen you as a Scout.  A calling-out ceremony will be conducted prior to Ordeal for those Scouts that require one. You are only candidates at this point. You must complete the Ordeal weekend to become official members of the Order of the Arrow.


TIME: Check-in Friday from 6-8 p.m., Check-out Sunday from 10-11 a.m. (Depending when clean-up is done.)

DATE: January 12-14, 2018

PLACE: Camp Karankawa, 3249 FM 1459 Rd, Sweeny, TX 77480

COST: The registration fee for Ordeal Candidates includes: OA sash, Lodge flap, OA Handbook, all food for the weekend, and dues for 2018:
$55.00 Registered Ordeal Candidates (For a $5 discount, please register by December 6, 2017)
$40.00 Registered Brotherhood Candidates (For a $5 discount, please register by December 6, 2017)
$20.00 Registered Brotherhood Candidates with Annual Pass (For a $5 discount, please register by December 6, 2017)
$20.00 Registered Youth/Adult Staff (For a $5 discount, please register by December 6, 2017)
FREE, OA youth/adult staff with Annual Pass (Choose OA Annual Package OPTION when registering)

CONTACT: Ricky Torres at

REGISTER BY: January 7, 2018


ELANGOMAT'S REGISTER HERE ($10 per Elangomat. This is for current OA members and not candidates.)


Please bring the following

             __ Official BSA Health Form (Part A and B)
             __Field uniform (Full Class A - Shirt, Shorts, Socks) (Please arrive at Camp in your uniform)
             __Sleeping bag
             __Ground cloth
             __Canteen or water bottle
             __Bug spray
             __Work clothes
             __Work gloves
             __Work boots
             __Swim suit
             __Rain gear
             __Zip-lock bags
             __Sunscreen lotion
             __Tent for Saturday night



Thank you and we look forward to your induction into Scouting's National Honor Fraternity - The Order of the Arrow.