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Sea Scout Academy

Sea Scout Academy
Registration Begins
Last Day To Register
7509 Broadway
Galveston, TX 77554, US
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The last date for registration has passed.

Sea Scout Academy 2018

Sea Scout GalvestonEducation on the water

Sea Scout Academy is a regional Sea Scout learning experience directly related to Sea Scouts advancement and the development of youth leadership. Youth may choose from 1 of 7 tracks of study. Youth are taught advancement skills such as seamanship, navigation, crew drills and more.


Classes offered

TRACKS (Youth): Seven training tracks are available for Sea Scout youth ranging from recruit (1st year) to Been There Done That (5th year). Tracks are designed based upon a typical advancement path as outlined in the Sea Scout Manual. Rank requirement references reflect advancement requirements in the Sea Scout Manual published in 2016. Youth on each track will be housed at Sea Star Base Galveston with the exception of Track 5 (SEAL Prep.) That track will be housed at Lakewood Yacht Club. All tracks will begin and end their weekend at Sea Star Base Galveston.

TRACK 5 SEAL (Youth): The Sea Scout Experience Advanced Leadership (SEAL) training program is designed to teach leadership skills while underway. SEAL is designed to “jump start” the junior leaders of new ships and to fine tune leaders of experienced ships. It is a hard core, physically and mentally demanding, and remarkably rewarding hands-on leadership experience.

SSABLT (Adults): Sea Scout Adult Basic Leader Training Course: (4 hours) Introduces adults to the Sea Scout program and the resources necessary to get a ship up and running successfully. SSALBT is a prerequisite for Sea Badge.



WHO MAY ATTEND: All registered BSA Sea Scouts and Venturers. This is a regional event so ships from outside Bay Area Council are welcome. Scouts must be at least 13 years old or older.Youth are anyone under 20.

TIME: Check-in at 11 a.m. on January 13, 2018. Check-out by 11:00 a.m. on January 15,2018.

PLACE: Sea Scout Base Galveston, 7509 Broadway, Galveston, TX 77554

COST: On the first day lunch will not be served, so bring a sack lunch or eat before arriving at camp. Cost for the weekend covers berthing, five meals, evening snacks, and materials (practice ropes, handouts, fuel, etc.)

- TRACKS 1-4, 6A-6B (Youth) $75 if staying in dorm, $45 for camping (Must camp as a Unit with 2-deep leadership per BSA Guide to Safe Scouting)

- TRACK 5 SEAL (Youth & APPROVED STAFF ONLY) $40, limited to 20 youth.

- STAFF & ADULT LEADERSHIP $75 if staying in dorm, $45 for camping (Must camp as a Unit with 2-deep leadership per BSA Guide to Safe Scouting)

T-shirts $10
Hoodies $20

ADULT LEADERSHIP: Each unit must have at least one adult leader for each 10 youth with a 2 adult minimum. Units with female members present must provide appropriate female adult leadership or make arrangements.
- SSBG Liability Form
- BSA Health Form (Parts A&B)
- Sea Scout work uniform. The chambray/dungarees (youth), or khakis (adults) or the new century uniforms are preferred. A Sea Scout Class B T-shirt/blue jeans are also acceptable.)
- Warm clothing, a good jacket, and foul weather gear if needed
- Boat shoes or shoes with light colored soles to minimize boat wear (NO OPEN TOED SHOES)
- Sleeping bag or blankets
- Modest sleep wear


CONTACT: Tony Scharp at or Cassie Johnson at

REGISTER BY: January 3, 2018


Training choices

Youth should choose the track most appropriate to their time in Sea Scouts, their current rank, or their attendance at previous Sea Scout Academies. The advancement requirement numbering reflects the numbering found in the 2016 edition of the Sea Scout Manual.

Track 1

Price: $75/dorm, $45/camping

Class: STAFF & New Recruit/
(1st year Participants)


Track 2

Price: $75/dorm, $45/camping

Class: STAFF & Ordinary
(2nd year Participants)




Track 3

Price: $75/dorm, $45/camping

Class: STAFF & Ordinary (3rd year Participants)




Track 4

Price: $75/dorm, $45/camping

Class: STAFF & Able
(4th year Participants)

Limited to: 20

PLEASE NOTE: This track will berth on a boat.


Track 5

Price: $40

Class: STAFF & SEAL Prep

Limited to: 20

PLEASE NOTE: This track will prepare all meals, conduct all activities, and be berthed off base.


Track 6A-6B

Price: $75/dorm, $45/camping

Class: 6A-Crew Leaders mentor youth in Apprentice Track. (5th year Participants)

Class: 6B-Youth participants: Been There, Done That. (5th year Participants)
Limited to: 20)


Price: $75/dorm, $45/camping

Class: Sea Scout Adult Leader Basic Training (Adults & STAFF)


Adults & Staff

Price: $75/dorm, $45/camping

















TRACK ONE – New Recruit/Apprentice (1st year participants)
This track will cover all the Apprentice requirements except swimming and service.  Youth will be challenged with an Amazing Race format as they move through the requirements.  They will have four hours of sailing as well.

TRACK TWO – Ordinary (2nd year participants)
This track will follow an Amazing Race format to complete the following Ordinary requirements:
•    Ordinary 1 Ideals: a, b, c
•    Ordinary 5 Safety: e, f, g
•    Ordinary 6 Marlinspike Seamanship: a, b, c, d
•    Ordinary 7 Boat Handling: a, b
•    Ordinary 10 Piloting and Navigation: a, b, c, d
•    Ordinary 11 Practical Deck Seamanship: a, b, c, d
•    Ordinary 12 Environment: a

TRACK THREE – Ordinary (3rd year participants)
This track will follow an Amazing Race format to complete the following Ordinary requirements:
•    Ordinary 2 Active Membership: b
•    Ordinary 3 Leadership: c
•    Ordinary 5 Safety:  c, d
•    Ordinary 6 Marlinspike Seamanship:  c, d
•    Ordinary 8 Ground Tackle: a, b, c, d
•    Ordinary 9 Navigation: a, b, c, d, e, f
•    Ordinary 10 Piloting and Navigation:  f, g
•    Ordinary 11 Practical Deck Seamanship:  b, d, e

TRACK FOUR – Able (4th year participants)  - Limited to 20 participants
*    Navigation Rules – Participants will study dayshapes and aids to navigation (A 9.b,c
*    Blocks and Tackle – Participants will learn the parts of a block and how blocks are sized.  They will reeve different types of tackle. (Able 6.c.)
*    Point Glass – Youth will utilize Point Glass to cover Quartermaster requirements (7, 8, 11, 13b).
*    Splicing, Whipping, Grommets – Instruction and practice will be given for meeting the requirements of Able 6a.

*    Celestial Navagation
*    Environment – Information on the protection of marine endangered species will be shared.

TRACK FIVE – SEAL Prep - Limited to 20 participants
*    Piloting – All Ordinary (10a-f) and Able (10a-f) Piloting and Navigation requirements will be covered and practiced.
*    SEAL Navigation – A typical SEAL day will be described along with the expectations for Boatswain, Navigator, Crew, and drills.  The SEAL Navigation practice test will be administered.
*    Sailing – The youth will follow the course they established in the morning class, take fixes, maintain a deck log, etc.
*    Boatswain’s Pipe – Youth will learn and practice calls they will use during SEAL (Ordinary 16g).
*    Sail Repair – Youth will learn and practice all necessary sail repair stitches while constructing their own ditty bag (Able 6b).

TRACK SIX.A – Been There, Done That (5th year Participants)
•    Crew Leaders will mentor and advise youth participating in the Apprentice track as the new recruits navigate an “Amazing Race” format to master the majority of material required for the Apprentice Rank.

TRACK SIX.B – Been There, Done That (5th year Participants)
Participants will study lessons in line handling, life at sea, seamanship, coiling, rigging, sail plan, pin rail, sail setting and more. Participants will berth, eat morning and evening meals at Sea Scout Base Galveston. A box lunch will be provided for Sunday Lunch.  Scouts must know these knots in advance: Bowline, Figure Eight, Reef, Double Overhand, Sheet Bend and Clove Hitch. NO EXCEPTION!  Bring a water bottle and foul weather gear. This program continues rain or shine.




            1100        Registration open
            1300        Welcome and announcements at the Flag Plaza
            1330-1700    Classes
            1730        Dinner
            1830        Worship – Dining Hall
            1900        Guest Speaker
            2000        Fellowship – YOU MUST BE IN ONE OF THESE PLACES!
                    Movie and Games – Dining Hall
                    Music – Chapel (Bring your guitars.)
                    Volleyball – Volleyball court
            2230        Taps – EVERYONE in their quarters

            0630            Reveille
            0700            Breakfast
            0800-1300    Classes
            1300            Lunch
            1400-1630    Classes
            1800            Dinner
            1900            Fellowship – YOU MUST BE IN ONE OF THESE PLACES!
                    Movie and Games – Dining Hall
                    Music – Chapel (Bring your guitars)
                    Volleyball – Volleyball Court
            1900            SSALBT (adult training) – Room 513
            2230            Taps – EVERYONE in their quarters

            0630            Reveille
            0700            Breakfast
            0800-1100   Classes
            1110            Closing

$40.00 per Track 5 - Youth
Cancellation Policy
Sea Scout Academy refunds for individuals will only be granted to the original paying customer, whether it be the unit or individual. All unit refunds will be paid to the Committee Chairperson of record for the unit. All but 15% of an individuals fee is refundable, under certain circumstances (sickness, death in family, summer school, military deployment or relocation only) as long as it is requested in writing, with back up documentation, and received at the Scout Service Center, 3020 53rd Street, Galveston, Texas 77551-5917. Refund requests due to light weather issues, homesickness, schedule conflicts, misinterpretation of printed council policies and procedures or reasons other than those noted above will not warrant a refund. In addition, partial refunds will not be granted for partial camp/event stays. If a camp or event is forced to be canceled by the council, because of severe weather, or other circumstances prior to the camp or event occurring, the council will reschedule the camp/event or initiate the refund process. All requests are due to the Bay Area Council office and in writing by the starting date of your specified program start date. Refund requests will not be granted if the request is submitted during your scheduled program or after your program has been completed.