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Bay Area CouncilPopcorn 2024

Popcorn Fundraising 2024

Spend less time fundraising and MORE time Scouting!

Our Council’s annual Scout popcorn sale is a turn-key fundraiser that provides our units with the funding they need to deliver an amazing Scouting Program! We do the work on the back-end so that you don’t have to and we are excited to offer this as a fundraiser to our units each year.

- Scouts can earn their own way

- Unit's can fund their entire year of Scouting

- Sell $1,000 online in 8 hours

- Earn advancements

- & much more!

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Popcorn Kick-off Training

Council Popcorn Kick-off - In-Person
6:30-8 p.m., Tuesday, July 9th


Council Popcorn Kick-off - Online
6:30-8 p.m., Thursday, July 11th






Show & Sell orders due 
- Friday, July 26
, 2024 

Show & Sell orders distribution 
 Saturday, Aug. 10, 2024

Show & Sell payments due 
 Friday, Oct. 11, 2024

Take Orders due 
 Friday, Oct. 11, 2024

Take Orders distribution 
 Saturday, October 26, 2024

Final payment due to council 
 Friday, November 6, 2024

Prize Orders due 
- Wednes
day, December 18, 2024

You will receive an email with instructions for your pick-up time. 


Council Popcorn Coordinator/Field Director
Kelly Meacham,

Council Account Assistance

How to Place Your Final Order

Ordering & Trading

Show & Sell Orders - The max amount you can order for Show & Sell is 50% of your total sales from last year.

Trading Popcorn - A Facebook page has been set up to trade excess popcorn with other units. 

Final Order - Key Items

For a Scout to receive their Amazon Gift Card Prize, they MUST set up a Trails End Account, either online or through the app. Once this is complete, the Unit Leader can enter their take-orders as “Wagon Sales – Undelivered” under the “order popcorn” tab of their dashboard.

SAVE THE DATE - Popcorn Sale 2025

Popcorn Kick-off - July 8 OR July 10, 2025
Popcorn Show & Sell Distribution - August 9, 2025
Popcorn Take Order Distribution - September 24, 2025



Getting Started

Set up Trail’s End Popcorn Account
(This is not a commitment, it just makes it easier to get information and find out more about fundraising!)

Get Trained

  • Attend any one of our Council popcorn kick-offs
    (Registration is above)

Share what you Know

  • Teach your Scouts about goals, products and sale details & get them excited!
  • Show them how this is possible through their popcorn sale.

Download the Trails-End App & Start Selling

Trails End Support

- Download the Trails-End FAQs

- Find Trails-End on Facebook
(Get the latest news, contest info, &  more!)

- Get Trails-End App Support (Log in)

- Get General Support (Log in)

Trails-End Popcorn Reasons to Sell


2024 Order Form (coming soon) 

- Facebook Popcorn Trading Page 

- Scout App Instructions x10

- Path to Advancement List 

- Trails End Dashboard - Unit Reference Guide

- Trails End Resources (Log in. Parent Handouts, Unit Budgets, Posters, Door Hangers, Table Banners & lots More)

Pack Budget Template.pdf


Show & Sell Resources

- Show and Sell Store Request Location letter

- Show and Sell Store agreement letter

- Show and Sell Council approved unit letter

For a certificate of Insurance, please email your name, contact phone and email, unit and unit #, and location of sale to



Scouts who are enrolled in the scholarship by March 31, 2020, will continue to accumulate credit of 4% of sales made in 2020, 2021 and 2022. This is in addition to adding several new levels and adding value at several levels, including the 2% increase to Rewards levels at $2,500 and above.

For questions, email


Trails End App - How It Works

Unit Leader Training

Save the Date

Popcorn Kick-off (in person) - July 8, 2025
Popcorn Kick-off (virtual) - July 10, 2025
Popcorn Show N' Sell Orders Due - July 25, 2025
Popcorn Show N' Sell Distribution - Aug. 9, 2025
Popcorn Take Orders Due & Show N' Sell Monies Due - Oct. 10, 2025

Popcorn Take Orders Distribution - Oct. 25, 2025
Popcorn Payments Due - Nov. 5, 2025
Popcorn Prize Orders Due - Dec. 15, 2025

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